Important considerations when buying property.

Here are some of the more important aspects I can think of when considering whether or not to invest by buying property:

  • Property taxes: Are the mil age rates reasonable?
  • Transportation: The bus stops and hubs should be easy and quick to reach on foot. There should also be sufficient cross walks along busy major streets to allow someone to walk along the route to the stop or hub. The streets should not be too congested with traffic.  The streets should be at level of service “B” or better.  A potential buyer would want to be able to commute through the surrounding neighbor hoods easily and quickly.
  • Job opportunities: It might be important to know the per capita income of the area.  If there are new companies or factories in the area, it would be a good indication of good job opportunities and this could attract buyers.
  • Crime: Nobody wants to live or work in a crime ridden neighborhoods.  So any potential buyer would consider this factor carefully.

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